Top free Resume Builders you need to try!

There are plenty of free resume builders out there that help you create your CV with free resume templates. A resume creator is a practical online tool which can be used when you don’t exactly know where to start.

Most online resume builders often offer free resume examples where you can draw inspiration from when writing your CV. The fact that there are plenty of resume creators can lead to confusion when choosing the right one. That’s why we’re here to help filter out the noise when searching for a good CV builder.



VisualCV has a very clean look and it allows you to choose from different designs while also offering custom versions to give your resume that extra touch of personality.

The free version of VisualCV comes with two sleek resume templates. The only downside that comes with the free version is a watermark, but apart from that, it is very user-friendly. It also allows for file import or LinkedIn support to help you build your resume faster, without having to type out text.

If you nonetheless like the process of building your resume from scratch we’ve got you covered in our next option.



With Canva there are no boundaries set to your creativity. It is the best infographic resume tool out there. While also offering plenty of free ready-made CV templates you can choose from, it allows for personal customization.

You can add icons, photos, illustrations, all made by professional designers, as well as change colours, and download it without a hassle. The best thing; you only pay what you really use. It is possible to build a creative visual resume for free as well while using the massive amount of free options and icons.



For some industries, an infographic resume might come off as unprofessional. For that reason, text resume creators help you make a professional-looking resume that stands out nonetheless. Uptowork is an easy to use option that offers guidance on what to 

include in a great curriculum vitae. The CV builder walks you through all the sections that can be filled out without having to worry about the design since the tool automatically adapts the text to the template. While it is not as customizable as other resume creators out there it is an easy to use option for creating a CV and landing that desired job.

Each creator has its up- and downsides, so it’s best to figure out for yourself which free CV builder fits your needs. But what would a resume be without a personal cover letter? If you would like to know how to write a memorable cover letter check this post out. Happy creating and good luck with your application.

Denise Steger, HR Intern