1) Service – During our product development and testing phase in June 2016, we had the opportunity to go live with our extended “HR As A Service” (HRAAS) package, working closely with one of our fastest growing portfolio companies. The service is designed to support companies during a phase of intense hiring activity. For this project that included the development of job profiles, selection of suitable job platforms, the handling of incoming applications as well as selection and pre-screening of suitable CVs and conducting telephone interviews. The aim was to reduce the workload at the decision stage. Additionally, we supported the overall candidate supply chain from receiving CVs to organizing appointments with the client’s team.

2) Facts – At the start of the outsourcing process, our client had approximately twenty-five employees and within 5 months we worked on filling sixteen open positions, excluding C-level roles. Speedinvest Heroes screened over one thousand candidates during the months of recruiting support.

3) Approach– Our core belief is that not only HR-expertise but also a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ industries and business models is necessary to select the best fitting candidates. As such, we familiarize ourselves with our client’s applicant tracking system and application processes and regularly invite industry specialists to inform us of current trends, to keep our internal company knowledge up to date.

4) Outcome – With this project, we more than surpassed our goal to prove that our service would support and add value to startups during peak hiring times. Handling a funnel of over one thousand candidates would have taken the company’s attention away from vital responsibilities such as product development and international expansion. With our help, they could avoid distraction and focus on their main tasks at hand. Speed Invest Heroes was instrumental in streamlining the recruiting activities for them in four different countries, efficiently and at a fair price.

5) Key to success– Key to success is unwavering commitment and that is at the core of Speedinvest Heroes’ mission. We invest time in the analyses and definition of processes, adapting techniques where necessary until they are just right. We work on a service level agreement focused on quick response times.

We look forward to supporting you during your peak hiring times!

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