HR Outsourcing – HR as a Service

Topic: HR Consulting for startups

Tailored HR product for startups

With HRaaS, we have developed a product specifically tailored to the needs of startups. Most – especially early-stage-startups find themselves in a dilemma between the further development of their product, the next round of financing and the growth of their company – also on the part of the employees. It is therefore not surprising that there is a shortage of resources and consequently an overburdening of the founders.

Recruiting for startups: Our challenge, our passion!

Speedinvest Heroes has set itself the goal to solve at least the latter problem. Essentially, it is about acting as an outsourced HR department over a longer period and taking over or accompanying the entire recruiting process. Together with the startups, we define the hiring plan, the requirements, and the process steps. We put together a recruiting team and take over the job postings on suitable job platforms as well as the pre-screening of the applicants.

The goal is to significantly reduce the workload of the founders and to standardize the recruiting process to such an extent that both startup and applicants experience efficient and professional support. In the last 2 years, we have supported numerous startups in their different and international candidate searches – and different time zones did not play a role.

Startups and technical positions

When you recruit for startups, you can’t ignore tech positions. We specialize in developer profiles and terms like Python, AWS or JavaScript are not foreign to us but help us identify the best candidates.

What matters the most?

Experiences from everyday life have shown that the recruitment of new employees works most successfully if the recruiting team of the startup engages closely and works motivated with us. It is always important to build a mutual basis of trust and to exchange information regularly. If you have arrived as an “internal and equivalent” employee in the startup, this is already half the battle.

It is always a great challenge to find the right fit not only professionally, but above all on a personal level. Not every person is suitable for the day-to-day life in a startup. Also, we can’t pull the perfect candidate from the hat, but we understand very well from experience and the immediate startup environment in which we work daily, what a candidate has to bring along with the professional skills.

Collaboration with startups is always different, reveals new perspectives and always gives room for further development. The high level of innovation, motivation, and commitment is incredibly fun and inspires us every day.

Jennifer Roth, Senior HR Consultant