Check out TourRadar´s new office

We asked Nicholas Trieb, a chief operating officer, to answer us a few questions about Tourradar´s new office at Kärntner Ring!

Nico is responsible for overseeing the product development and day-to-day operations at TourRadar, with a special focus on the product and the technical side of the company. He monitors the efficiency of the TourRadar website and manages the continual effort to improve the speed and functionality of both the main booking pages as well as the mobile apps.

So, let´s start!

Nico, how was the move? Have you already settled in?

Incredibly efficient. We had the entire office packed up in 3 hours and setup on the following 1 day. It was amazing to see how the entire team came at their own will on Saturday to help set up the office.

What makes your office a special place?

Culture. We are all highly motivated individuals who know how to work hard and also have fun together at the office. Since we now have a terrace we organize BBQs at least once a week, and the fact that we have over 39 different nationalities in the office, it makes the environment very open and social.

Is there anything typical “start-up” about your office?

The entire office is open space, together with 2 terraces and a large hangout area to socialize in. Of course, we always have a fridge full of beer.

Do you have a table soccer? Who’s the best at playing?

Of course. product team seems to be the strongest ;).

Are there flexible workstations? Or has everybody his/her own desk?

Mainly stationary but there is a bit of a movement here and there. We are currently discussing the possibility to change to a more flexible environment.

Do developers have special needs for their workstations?

They receive a very strong laptop where they can choose between Dell or Macs, as well as 2 screens to ensure they can work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Want to join this travel-obsessed crew and become part of their new kingdom?

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