A Note from the Founders

Our goal at Speedinvest Heroes is to support startup founders in their quest to build healthy companies, with strong teams.Everything that furthers this objective is at the heart of the Speedinvest Heroes mission.

The company has been founded with the conviction that personal and organizational development is as important, as finding high potential individuals and integrating them into a team. Recruiting, especially when it comes to searching for those rare candidates in senior expert roles and in C-Level positions, is our passion. This is what we love to do.

Why do we think that we are best equipped provide you with real help? With Speedinvest, over fifty companies and some of Europe’s most prominent Angel Investors as shareholders, we are a natural magnet for talented individuals. Together with our partner Qualitas’ twenty years of experience in professional HR-Consulting, Speedinvest Heroes can combine the best of both worlds: startup expertise and a leading global approach with classical HR proficiency.

Last but not least, we have built Speedinvest Heroes around a new business model with a pledge of long term commitment to your success, portfolio success and that of our shareholders.

Speedinvest Heroes finds the brilliant minds of today, who are striving to become the heroes of tomorrow.

Your founding team,
Maria Baumgartner, Roland Wadl, Charlotte Paech, Jennifer Nowotny, Katharina Kling

Team on Sofa

The Speedinvest Perspective

For Speedinvest, the launch of Heroes is a significant further investment in you, our portfolio companies.

We believe that a collective unit which promises quality HR practices and leverages our joint network, to identify and match the best talent, will be a significant value driver for you and therefore also for us. This is a critical strategic initiative for us and we need your buy-in. This is why it is vital for us to be 100% transparent in our motives and the commercial model behind Heroes.

We – together with our first-rate angel investors – have invested considerably to build an infrastructure, a team and tools for Speedinvest Heroes to be fully operational today. Going forward, we want to run Heroes in such a way that operational costs are covered by those using the company. An economic upside for us comes from the indirectly positive impact on our portfolio, as well as from the advantage that Heroes will hopefully generate by taking more risks than other similar companies (i.e. being paid in equity, etc.).

For you, this means you get a lot of service either for free, at a reduced cost or with markedly more risk sharing on our part than the market currently offers. And this will be provided by people who are committed to the long-term success of Speedinvest and therefore you, our portfolio. This will be effective for Speedinvest Heroes if a.) we do a good job and b.) there is a joint commitment from you to use this platform so that costs can be spread and synergies utilized.

“Let’s do this!” – Oliver

Portrait Oliver


We are startup insiders

We speak startup and bring the mentality and network of startup founders to the table

Talent magnet

We constantly screen talent across our vast network and leverage the brand of our investors to build a central point of contact for people who want to join

Fast and efficient resource pool

We can provide HR support services exactly when you need it, working as an outsourced unit that can scale up and down quickly

Stage based business model

Seed stage teams need different services and business models than more mature, better financed startups. Our offering takes this into account

We are synced with your investors

Inconsistency between shareholders can thwart any critical recruiting effort. On the other hand, leveraging the network and insight of your investor can be of huge help in the process