All startups have specific needs depending on the phase of growth they’re in. With this in mind, we have developed a product portfolio that includes different services which can be used singularly, as a package, or as a program whereby we accompany you from the first financing round with Speedinvest until whenever you need. Our goal is simple: we want to offer the best support for you.

Full Service Offer

HR Portfolio Service – sponsored by Speedinvest & Speedinvest Heroes

Basic Portfolio Services – free for all portfolio companies

Vendor Management

HR Wiki

HR Hotline

Basic Portfolio Services are dedicated to all startups in our portfolio regardless of growth phase. Everyone involved benefits from a range of helpful services. For example, Vendor Management allows you to save costs and receive recommendations for good suppliers on the market. In addition, we support you by publishing guidelines regarding legal standards or visa support on our website. And our HR Hotline gives you the opportunity to get instant advice for any recruiting and hiring related questions.

Premium Portfolio Services – optional against cost coverage

Talent Pooling

Talent pooling is the central administration of all incoming applications from the network. With this service, we periodically send out a newsletter to the entire portfolio with collected CVs of potential candidates and therefor give the chance to place an open position quickly.

Trainee Program

Launch 2017

HR Support

In addition to confidential cooperation, our HR support program offers tailored advice depending on your requirements, consultation on strategic and legal matters and help with staff recruitment. Moreover, we provide support for job advertisements, employer branding and various forms of coaching.

Starter Package

Starter Package is primarily intended for startups in the seed stage that don’t have any HR processes or a hiring manager. Together we discover your HR needs within the framework of a workshop, to help you develop a foundation for HR structures and future HR activities.

HR as a Service

HR as a Service is intended for seed stage startups that don’t have any HR processes or a hiring manager. Having successfully completed our Starter Package program, you might decide to use Speedinvest resources for a monthly fee, in order to help you establish your general HR and recruiting practices.  There is also an extended version available if you’re further along in your growth process and need to hire for more than five positions. We are happy to support you as an external expert, for your internal requirements.

Recruiting Support

Recruiting Support is addressed to all startups in the portfolio, regardless of growth phase. It is a service for all those looking to outsource recruiting tasks for single positions at middle management or expert level. We support you in kick-starting the recruiting process.  This incorporates the definition of job requirements in addition to the creation and placement of job ads. During a traditionally two month term (depending on the job platforms) you benefit from professional application management, including the preselection of potential candidates (in writing and by telephone), as well as candidate recommendation and rejection management.


Having the best possible employees is a key factor of success for your company. Our Search services portfolio assists you with this process, providing a focused search for and selection of candidates for expert and executive (c-level and board member) positions. With this service you benefit from our extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of potent solutions for finding best fit talent, for c-level positions. We pledge a transparent and professional accompaniment for the duration of any project, until a suitable placement has been made. Furthermore, in order to make our Search service accessible for startups of all growth phases, we have developed the program around an entrepreneurial pricing model.

Expert Search

Standard Positions

Tough to find Positions

Expert Search – is addressed to startups of all growth phases that are searching for experts in areas such as sales, marketing and IT development. We offer two products – standard and advanced positions that are based on the market availability of the candidates and their respective professional experience.
Through a rigorous briefing process, we gain a complete understanding of your job requirements and a comprehensive impression of your company culture. To minimize complexity and cost, we scour our Speedinvest talent pool as a first step towards finding suitable candidates. This phase is what we call “Talentpool Management”. If there are no matches from this network within the first two weeks, we begin a full external search and selection process. This includes the placement of job ads, active sourcing in external databases and networks and where required a selective and limited direct search. Based on the briefing information given, we conduct detailed interviews with potential candidates, allowing us to check the compatibility of candidates with your company’s needs. Once a person has been selected, we assist you with salary and contract negotiation.

Direct Search

Investment Critical


Direct Search – is a predominately proactive approach addressed to startups, searching to fill key leadership position which contribute to the success of the company and are essential for the next round of funding, e.g. c-level positions
The key to success with Direct Search assignments is a deep understanding of a company’s current situation and their strategy for the future. This should be committed to by all stakeholders at the start of the process. In order to gain such a comprehensive insight, we hold a kick-off workshop prior to undertaking any search activities. This provides all parties with clear aims and a common understanding of the organization and serves to highlight which skill sets of an ideal candidate are required to achieve the goals that have been set. Because we know that a thorough understanding of a company’s objectives is vital for compact and efficient practice, we only begin the Direct Search once this process is complete.
In the first round of the Search we make use of our Talent Pool. This is a resource that we are developing continuously through our network of top-candidates and where quality is ensured through recommendation of successful candidates by experienced Business Angels and Investment Managers, as well as our own assessment for professional and cultural fit.
If there are no matches from our Talent Pool within two weeks, Speedinvest Heroes unleashes the full power of the Direct Search which includes an extensive market screening. Based on that, we develop a target company list and identify suitable candidates.
In this process we prepare a short-list of candidates who fit the agreed profile. With in-depth interviews and careful examination of references, we analyze the compatibility of individuals with the established requirements. Once a person has been selected, we assist with salary and contract negotiation. This includes a placement guarantee.
Finding a hero is one thing but helping them unleash their super powers is another. Speedinvest Heroes has therefore developed an on-boarding and integration program to boost placement success and positive integration.
Adding a new senior member can change a team so much, which is why it’s necessary to clarify how this might impact other employees and the organization overall. With this in mind we deliver various organizational development workshops in various settings, for the affected teams and their new members.
This still leaves the formal integration process and we help with that too. We provide checklists of what needs to be done before a new senior employee starts at the company. And we accompany an organization for six months after the placement has been made, to make sure that the new senior hire is fulfilling the agreed targets.
Finding talent is only part of the game. We want to go beyond that as your advisor and ambassador, in order to win over the best candidates and help you integrate them successfully.